Consider Drinking Green Tea When Dining

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Consider drinking Green Tea When you dine with us!

Researchers have discovered that people who drink green tea experience many life-enhancing health benefits. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and can reduce levels of oxidative stress, especially in smokers. It is 25 times better than vitamin E for shielding cells from damaging influences that can cause cancer and heart disease, and scientists have discovered that drinking one cup a day could reduce your risk or significantly delay the onset of cancer. Polyphenols are also abundant in green tea and may help protect women against breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Green tea may slow down the ageing process due to its high antioxidant properties, and it has a high fluoride content which inhibits tooth decay. Green tea lowers blood cholesterol, inhibits the increase of blood pressure and helps to combat the influenza virus. So take a little time to enjoy a cup with us invigorate your body and refresh your mind!

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